When thank you becomes more than a statement: a collection. Part 1.

Being grateful is a huge thing! Knowing when to say and how to say it is quite important. And it means a lot to yourself and to those, one should be thankful to.

I have recently had to thank people that have almost everything. I tried to find a way to compensate the great things they did for me. And this is how the thank you cards’ collection came to life.

There’s nothing greater than saying thank you on a handmade card.

IMG_Thank_you00002 IMG_Thank_you00001 IMG_Thank_you00000 IMG_Thank_you00005 IMG_Thank_you00006 IMG_Thank_you00003 IMG_Thank_you00007 IMG_Thank_you00008 IMG_Thank_you00009 IMG_Thank_you00010 IMG_Thank_you00011 IMG_Thank_you00016 IMG_Thank_you00013 IMG_Thank_you00014 IMG_Thank_you00015 IMG_Thank_you00012

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