Birthday Script Flower Card

Hi there, everyone! I have a birthday script flower card to show you today.
And yes, I know it’s been a while since I last posted here. Though, I kept making crafts I couldn’t spare the time to write and share them with you. Hope to be able to do this more often.
This card’s got a few elements and I tried to keep it clean and simple. Read more

Red and White Birthday Card

DSCF2360 DSCF2364







Since her birthday card on demand was ready and  I got tones of ideas left for her, I had to make one more card. And that was just because I like the idea of giving something special to my dear ones.

She likes strong colours like radiant orchid or different shades of blue. What I see when I think of her is red and white, mainly red. So that was the colour choice for her card. The outcome is in the pictures.  I hope you like it –  at least as much as she did.


My niece turned five today.

My niece turned five today. She is adorable, clever and so pure and happy. Her warmth and energy always fill me up with positiveness and power to move on. I made her a special birthday card using the colours I think suit her best: green, blue, violet, beige, white and silver. Sara looks great in red too.

Here’s the story of the card: one night, when I was waiting for my husband, the idea came to my mind. I drew the sketch in my notebook and added there the details I needed to remember. Then, I went shopping for the buttons and the ribbon. It was a good trip to the store as I found the exact coloured buttons I wanted. After that, it was fun to put all the things in play and get the card ready.

As I was very excited about my work I shared it with her parents. They loved it. And when my niece saw it, she said “it’s awesome”.

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Ioana’s BDay Card

We met for the first time towards the end of March 2008. She came for an interview and then got the job. We worked for a couple of years together. And went through ups and downs together again. It was fun, challenging and inspiring. And here we are, December 2013, still friends, enjoying our chats and time we spend together. We love coffee and nice things. She has 3 wonderful kids. And she’s a great mum for them. She’s got a lot of optimism and she manages to always find the strength to encourage others too. I admire her for this!

When I drew the sketch of card, I thought of something simple, but elegant and here’s what came out. I hope you like it as much as she did!