Wedding. Soft colours.

As the wedding season is in full bloom, I think some inspiration would be more than welcome.

Reviewing the posts, the pending drafts that await to be posted for a while, I went on finishing and scheduling some of them. For some people this job seems to be easy and believe it’s done in a few minutes. Actually it takes quite some time to make sure that the draft you came up with is the one you want. That the pictures are the right ones and that are watermarked, properly sized and uploaded and so on. I guess that one of the reasons I love doing this is the fact that it takes time and there’s no pressure. 😉

Now, back to the wedding topic. I posted here some of the wedding invitation samples I made a while ago. As I am creating some new ones and planning to add some wedding favor ideas too, I want to upload all the previous ones I have made so far.


For these ones I went with softer colours like buttercup, lilac and soft green. There are different techniques I used for each one. Read more

“I do.” Collection. The Beginnings

This is the first article about the collection of wedding cards and gifts. It started with lots of ideas and thrill as one of my friends was planning her marriage. We exchanged some ideas, we set the colour range and off I went putting them all to good work.

DSC_5398 DSC_5395 DSC_5397 DSC_5394






I made more than one sample. I wanted her and her husband to be to have a good wide range where to choose from.

In a future post, I will show you the one they chose, the colour range and the gift I gave them on their wedding day (all in matching colours).





Hope you’ll enjoy them. And please feel free to add your comments with favourites, likes and why not: suggestions.