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While visiting me, Sara was, as always, so energetic, wondering from the boys’ to the girls’ chats. So, I thought I should put her energy to work in a very constructive and creative way by asking her to draw what she wishes to have on her Christmas card this year. And she did it. She drew a house, a Christmas tree, a snowman and a girl. Then, she put it on my fridge so that I won’t forget about it.

I had a sketch, I went to work on it. I chose the colours, the cards, the materials and made it into a Christmas card the way she wanted. She was impressed, I was impressed and everybody loved it.


DSC_1775 DSC_1794 DSC_1802

My niece turned five today.

My niece turned five today. She is adorable, clever and so pure and happy. Her warmth and energy always fill me up with positiveness and power to move on. I made her a special birthday card using the colours I think suit her best: green, blue, violet, beige, white and silver. Sara looks great in red too.

Here’s the story of the card: one night, when I was waiting for my husband, the idea came to my mind. I drew the sketch in my notebook and added there the details I needed to remember. Then, I went shopping for the buttons and the ribbon. It was a good trip to the store as I found the exact coloured buttons I wanted. After that, it was fun to put all the things in play and get the card ready.

As I was very excited about my work I shared it with her parents. They loved it. And when my niece saw it, she said “it’s awesome”.

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