“Pick of the Bunch” Bouquet

Hi, everyone! This bouquet has been in my mind for some time now. But, I have no idea how I managed to post it so late. I made it quite a while ago and here’s what I initially wrote:


IMG4971‘There’s something special about this dear friend of mine: her care and our long friendship. Of course, not only these, but mostly. We met, we connected and every time we see each other, we pick up where we left of. These are so valuable in a world where things become so distant from what they should be!
So, let the pictures tell the story: Many happy returns of the day, my dear friend!’




Back to our days, I’d like to add just a few crafty notes: red and orange coloured paper for the flowers, green silk string for the stem and green coloured paper for the leaves.


The flower petals and the leaves were made using 2 of the punches available in the ‘Pick of the Bunch’ punch and stamp set from Tonic Studios.

IMG5026 IMG5027 IMG5028 IMG5031






The flower bouquet was adhered to a white paper rectangle, previously cut and wavy trimmed, to which I added some strikes of pigment ink in a natural colour and which, on its turn was previously adhered to the front cover of the black card base.




IMG5044Wishing you a lovely day,

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