My first calendars and their story

It all started with a wish. 2013’s wish, when I went online, full speed, with the project HandmadebyTalida. There was little time to make the calendars happen then, so last year I planned to craft and give them as presents to a few dear ones that matter a lot! Then, I can’t remember how it happened but I had a huge request for the calendars and ended up in making so many more than planned. I am so grateful to all of you who asked me to create new ones. You can’t imagine how much! Thank you.

IMG1711xi IMG1687xi IMG1694xi IMG1728xi

There was a clear idea that I kept in mind for each calendar’s month, a set of colours and themes. For today, I would like to show you some photos of a mum and daughter calendars set I made for two lovely and dear people in my life. The set has a small and a large size desk calendars. The small one went in a dedicated box (for the daughter), which was also handmade decorated by me. It was designed to keep not only the calendar but also the other handmade cards and creations she has collected so far. Actually, most of the calendars were packed and given in handmade decorated boxes.

IMG1700xi IMG1701xi IMG1702xi IMG1703xi IMG1704xi IMG1706xi IMG1707xi IMG1708xi

During the year, I posted on Facebook quite a few photos with the other calendars I made: some were made on the same desk format, others were made on round or rectangular formats. It takes quite some time to make one ready to be given. Some took me 1 day and a half  to finish. Others were done in 2 days each. And that was accomplished if there was no other task in place.:)

IMG1709xi IMG1710xi IMG1713xi IMG1718xi IMG1719xi IMG1721xi IMG1724xi IMG1726xi

There’s also something different and special about the small one. It had the most important birthdays handwritten into the corresponding day/month. This made it easier for her (the daughter) to keep good track on these important dates.

IMG1712xi IMG1717xi IMG1720xi IMG1725xi






IMG1698xi I have also added a memory pocket with Gorjuss on each calendar (either front or back cover), so they could keep notes, important entries for further reference there.

Many thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

I shall be back, pretty soon, with the 2016 calendars I made for them.

Photo credit: Cristian Istrate

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