A Winter Book. Workshop with Sara.

Another visit. A new workshop. A great project. The Winter Book.

You know, I love spending the time with my niece in a very constructive way! So, we got together again and did some special things.

Since Zvonisor was all alone in the Christmas Tree, I thought it’d be great if Cetinel and Fulgusor will join him.

When we get together, time passes so quick. It really flies! During our last encounter, we had no time for the snowman. And I promised to do that this time.
We had so many bits of materials and so many ideas! They all went straight into the Winter Book. And yeah, we love it!

Reindeer and Christmas Decoration Workshop with Sara

I love working with kids. If I have to choose between watching over or teaching 100 kids and knitting, I’d definitely choose the first. So, every time I meet my niece, we kind of have our own schedule and do a lot of stuff together. This way, we boost our creativity and spend a great time together.

One Saturday afternoon, we planned on doing some Christmas decorations together. We planned quite many and we ended up doing almost all, except one thing, a snowman.

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