A Wedding Invitation

Hello, one and all! With the wedding season in full bloom and action, I’d like to finally show you the invitations I made for two great friends: Gina & Cornel. Their wedding was a couple of years ago and they’ve been leaving their happily ever after since.
Now, it took me quite a while to assemble this post together as it’s been quite a challenge to decide which ones of all the great photos Cristi took will make it to the post. I have to admit he did a great job as always! The ones I show you here are with the small or big components of the wedding invitations arranged by Cristi himself.

About the invitation, I managed to get inspired from a Pinterest board and looked for templates of dresses and ideas. We had some projects I designed to choose from and we stopped at this model. You can see here and here, the designs I made and where we chose this one from.










This was a very nice project that involved the bride, the groom, me and my favourite photographers and assistants.

The invitations were made in equal numbers using the pink and the blue base cards. There were a lot of fussy cutting, glue, half pearls and fun all together!










I am very thankful to my friends that entrusted me with this great task and happy to have been part of their happy day.

Here’s a video A Wedding Invitation I made of how it’s made. There are more than 50 photos put together, that took quite a lot of time to take and I am thankful to Cristi for helping me with them and grateful for the time he put in making this step by step photo shoot.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a lovely day,

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