DSC_1913 DSC_1916 DSC_1926 DSC_1924 DSC_1922 DSC_1919March 1st and the first signs of a longed-for spring are so welcome to our hearts and souls! Colourful flowers made of felt and sewn with buttons were designed to be given this year as my handmade m?r?i?oare.

Wish you all a happy, sunny and lovely spring!

Talida 🙂

The 1st of March. Happy “Mărțișoare”

The first handmadebytalida “Martisoare” were already handed over to their rightful owners: beautiful and smart ladies , mothers, family and dear friends.

They’re unique by design, specially handcrafted to brighten their days and to wish them a lovely spring. Their design makes them elegant, distinctive accessories not only in March but also for any other special occasion.

Have a beautiful, warm and sunny spring!

DSCF3956 DSCF3962 DSCF3972 DSCF3978
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