Pastel Flowers

Hello, everyone!

My card today has some beautiful pastel flowers, delicate leaves and a handwritten sentiment. It is the first one that went to a dear friend, whom I haven’t seen in a while. We had a lovely time enjoying some tea and coffee and talking about so many things… that we didn’t feel the time passed by.


The story of this card is simple as I wanted something clean, soft and elegant with a delicate effect. I die cut the leaves out of handmade paper. And for the flowers I used, first, the nail polish marbling technique to create the paper; left it to dry overnight; then used a paper punch to cut the flowers. Making the paper using nail polish was really fun once I got good results. You know: practice makes it better.



Kraft card makes the card base and I added a strip of cream card as a layer for the sentiment and all the other elements I prepared and used. Now, the sentiment is handwritten. Not stamped, not typed. And it is like this as I’ve been told that I should write the sentiments, messages or wishes by hand more often – if not always. Well, Calligraphy was one of my favourite subjects in school. So, I love handwriting. I also believe that it adds more value and feeling to any letter, gift or note.

IMG7439 IMG7444 IMG7446 IMG7465






Of course, as always I took lots of photos! So, it’s been pretty hard to decide which ones will make it to the blog.

IMG7462 IMG7453 IMG7451 IMG7456





That’s all for now. Hope to be back these days with another birthday card. September is quite a busy month!

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